100 Maps about Ukraine

1. Auflage, 192 Seiten, Hardcover, 26 Euro (DE), ISBN: 978-3-948923-48-8

Cover für 100 Maps about Ukraine

Did you know that Ukraine lies at the geographic center of Europe? Or that they have almost 50 % more libraries than Germany, Austria, and Switzerland combined? Did you know that most of the world’s sunflower oil and seeds come from Ukraine? Or that the total agricultural land used to grow those sunflowers is as big as the entire country of Lithuania? Or that there’s as many tractors in Ukraine as there are people living in Duisburg? Or that you’d find the deepest metro station in the world in Kyiv? Or that Ukraine is in the top four all-time best-performing countries in the Eurovision Song Contest? Or that Ukrainians celebrate Christmas twice a year?The newest KATAPULT atlas shows what’s currently happening in Ukraine and also what we stand to lose with its destruction. KATAPULT will offer this book in four languages. That’s something we’ve never done! It’s being released in German, Ukrainian, and English. And of course also in Russian. The Russian e-book we’re sending to the servers of whoever were offering hacked versions of our magazine for illegal download a few years ago. If we upload it there it’ll be available for free everywhere. Even in Russia.

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